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Callan’s say Good-bye to Robert Sloan

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After 46 years service, Robert Sloan retired on the 12th of September. Robert joined the firm in 1968 and worked on the removal vans. Life for removal teams was tough back then, jobs were booked often without a prior visit. All carpets and underlay had to be uplifted and then relayed in the new house. Late finishes was a way of life. Years later Robert swapped jobs with Robert McCafferty and managed the Auction Hall. Robert adapted to his role with ease and soon Robert became popular with Auction goers.

Known for his sense of humour and one liners Robert was very popular. Here is an example: A lady was successful in bidding for a divan, she shouted her name to the Auctioneer ‘Peden’, Robert replied ‘No it’s perfectly clean’!!

Rarely does a business find such loyalty from an employee. In his 46 years of service, he worked with Thomas R Callan who founded the business, David Callan (Thomas’s son) and Michael Callan (Thomas’s Grandson).

Roberts retirement was celebrated by the staff at Callans with a lovely dinner at a local Hotel.



Thomas R Callan wish Robert well in his retirement and thank him for all his hard work and dedication to the job over the years.

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