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Fine Traditional and Contemporary Art Sale at Trump Turnberry Hotel on Sunday 19th November 2017

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The sale consisted of 219 lots and included diverse array of original paintings. The sale offered works by contemporary artists, some of the worlds leading wildlife artists and traditional fine artists incorporating the Glasgow boys and Scottish colourists.

The highlight of the sale was a portrait of a young woman. Dressed in a yellow jersey and wearing a hat with an ostrich plume. The young woman is probably a daughter or the artist Sir William Nicholson.

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson (British 1872-1949) was an English painter of Still Life, Landscape and Portraits.  He was also known for his work as an illustrator, author of children’s books and designer for theatre.

The painting was estimated at £12,000 – £18,000    Ten telephone bids were prearranged by potential buyers.  The bidding started at £12,000 and slowly the sea of hands, dropped one by one and after protracted bidding it became a dual between two very determined buyers which ended in the hammer falling at £150,000 to much applause.

Below is a small sample of highlights from he sale, a full catalogue of sales results can be found on the – click on realised prices.


Lot 1 James Fullarton (Scottish born 1946)  Framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘The Regatta, Troon Marina’   65cm x 75cm

Estimate £2,000-£3,000 Sold for £3,500



Lot 9 Nael Hanna (Scottish/Iraqi born 1959) Framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘Still Life, two vases, red Poppies’  76cm x 120cm , Private Collection Ayrshire

Estimate £3,000-£5,000 Sold for £3,200



Lot 12 Simeon Stafford    ARR, Framed oil on canvas, signed,  ‘St. Mick’s Mount’  80cm x 80cm

Estimate £800-£1,200 Sold for £1,150



Lot 19 Pip McGarry   ARR  Framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘The Watering Hole’  72cm x 158cm   Private Collection Ireland

Estimate £4,000-£6,000 Sold for £5,500



Lot 42 John Bellany CBE RA MRSA (Scottish 1942-2013) Gilt framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘The Olive Branch’  90cm x 90cm

Estimate £5,000-£7,000   sold for £6000


Lot 51 Frank Colclough (Scottish) Framed oil on board, signed, ‘Greenan and Heads of Ayr’  63cm x 89cm

Estimate £1,200-£1,800 sold for £1,800



Lot 55 George Houston RSA RSW RI (Scottish 1869-1947)  Gilt framed oil on canvas, signed,  ‘Highland Glen with River and Sheep in Foreground’    101cm x 151cm

Estimate £3,000-£4,000 sold for £4,000




Lot 69 John Duncan Fergusson RBA (Scottish 1874-1961) Gilt framed pencil drawing, ‘Salle d’Attente, Gare Du Nord, Paris’  10cm x 15cm

Estimate £1,000-£1,500 sold for £1,700



Lot 74 George Leslie Hunter (Scottish 1877-1931) Oil on board, signed  ‘Boathouses, Loch Lomond’   29cm x 20cm

Estimate £7,000-£9,000   sold for £8,000



                   Lot 134 James Stuart Park (Scottish 1862-1933) Gilt framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘Pink Roses’  37cm x 29cm

Estimate £600-£900 sold for £2,000



Lot 136 Robert Gemmell Hutchison R.B.A (Scottish 1855-1936)  Gilt framed oil on canvas, signed,  ‘Picnic on the Dunes, Lossiemouth’  63cm x 76cm

Provenance: Henry Edward Hutchison 1930 and then by family descent.

Estimate £6,000-8,000 sold for £7,500



                      Lot 141 Robert Gemmell Hutchison RSA RSW (Scottish 1855-1936) Framed watercolour signed, ‘Becalmed at Volendam’ 30cm x 26cm

W.B. Simpson, Glasgow, label verso
Provenance: Private Collection

Estimate £2,000-£3,000 sold for £4,400



Lot 151 Dame Laura Knight RA DBE RWS (British 1877-1970)  Gilt framed watercolour, signed, ‘The Clowns’ 36cm x 27cm

Private Collection Scotland

Estimate £3,000-£4,000    sold for £5,000



                             Lot 152 Lot Louis Wain (British 1860-1939) Framed watercolour, signed, ‘Roof Top Band’  22cm x 35cm, Private Collection Scotland

Estimate £3,000-£4,000     sold for £4,000



Lot 157 Sir William Nicholson NPS (British 1872-1949) Framed oil on canvas, signed and dated 1913, ‘The Yellow Jersey’ 75cm x 62cm

Exhibited Goupil Galleries 1913, Liverpool 1927, old labels verso
Private Collection Scotland

Estimate £12,000-£18,000 sold for £150,000



    Lot 158 John Cunningham RGI (Scottish 1927-2000) Framed oil on canvas, signed, ‘Italian Farm’ 74cm x 74cm

Estimate £1,500-£1,800 sold for £4,200



Lot 176 Dorothea Sharp RBA ROI (British 1874-1955) Framed oil on board, signed, ‘The Little Pond Yacht’ 50cm x 60cm
Provenance: Private Glasgow Collection, purchased in 1934/35 possible from Ian McNicol, Glasgow and then by descent to present owner.

Estimate £12,000-£15,000 sold for £23,000


Lot 199 Sheree Valentine – Daines (Born in 1956) Gilt framed out on board, signed with initials, ‘Fishing at Henley’ 30cm x 35cm

Estimate £1,200-£1,800 sold for £6,600


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